The BGS Porcupine® Borehole Viewer for Geo-Seas (“BGS Porcupine”) 

A basic borehole log viewer ''BGS Porcupine ®'' has been developed in collaboration with the GSI3D consortium. This software is freely available after registration and allows the visualisation of the Geo-Seas ODV ASCII formated output files, containing interpreted borehole log data.

Porcupine allows you to: 

  • Load interpreted borehole log data from a suitably formatted ODV-style ASCII (plain text) data file.  
  • Display the logs graphically in a document-style interface, separately or alongside other logs in the workspace. 
  • Scale the log graphic depth-wise. 
  • Develop and apply a custom colour and ornamentation scheme keyed by log interval lithology.
  • Apply a log stepping scheme to give a graphical impression of relative properties such as grain size.
  • Export log graphics as screen-resolution images.

The Porcupine Borehole Viewer was demonstrated to potential users during the Geo-Seas workshop at the Oceanology International exhibition in London on 14 March 2012.

View the tutorial of the Borehole Viewer