Quality Flag Scale 

The existing SeaDataNet quality flags were developed for oceanographic data. These flags are used to tag individual measurements with a code to represent the quality of that measurement. These have also been shown to be applicable to certain types of geological and geophysical data, since both oceanographic and geological measurements are generally applied to a discrete measurement at a single location. However, there are important geological data types where this method of quality flagging is inapplicable, for example, images which are used in the interpretation of seismic data. As a result a mechanism was required to convey the quality of the whole data object rather than individual data points. This has been addressed by building a dataset quality indicator into the Common Data Index extension based on the SensorML and Observations & Measurements standards.  Whilst this has primarily been developed for the seismic line data object, it is also applicable to other data objects.

The Quality flag scale for geological and geophysical data is available in a document.