Geo-Seas International workshop - programme and presentations 

International Workshop at University College Cork, Ireland - 9 & 10 OCTOBER 2012

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At a time when the cost of capturing marine geosciences data has increased and the resources available for the acquisition of new data are being reduced the need to facilitate the re-use of existing marine geological and geophysical data has become a priority for researchers, policy makers and stakeholders.

The Geo-Seas project has implemented an e-infrastructure to allow better discovery and access to a range of harmonised marine geological and geophysical data from 26 federated European data centres. Through the development of an on-line portal and a suite of visualisation tools the Geo-Seas project provides a significant improvement in the discovery and access of marine geological and geophysical data for a range of users.

On the 9 & 10 OCTOBER 2012 the Geo-Seas project hosted an international workshop to present the results of this European Commission funded project and provide demonstrations of these tools and services for the discovery, assessment and access to a range of marine geosciences datasets. The workshop also included a number of keynote presentations by invited speakers from the international marine research community and other related fields.

An invited poster session provided an additional opportunity for a number of related projects and research activities to make a presentation to highlight these initiatives and outline their aims and objectives.

The Geo-Seas Workshop took place back-to-back with the INFOMAR meeting in Cork, Ireland. The INFOMAR (Integrated Mapping for the Sustainable Development of Ireland's Marine Resources) meeting was held on the 11 & 12 OCTOBER 2012 at the University College Cork immediately after the Geo-Seas workshop. More info at: http://www.infomar.ie