Geo-Seas project launched with kick-off meeting in Edinburgh-Scotland 

23 June 2009

The Geo-Seas project has been launched officially with a kick-off meeting in Edinburgh - Scotland, the hometown of the coordinating organisation British Geological Survey (BGS).  The meeting was joined by most partners and was used to introduce all work packages and their relations to the participants.

Each partner organisation also made a 5 minute presentation describing what they do, their data holdings and their expertise. Almost all of the organisations in the project hold marine geoscience data, and many are recognised as national data centres. The data management organisations have different data management systems, applications and procedures, depending on their data types, data volumes, expertise, infrastructure, levels of funding and remit. However, the presentations demonstrated that there is a very wide range of expertise available to the project from the partners as well as very large volumes of data. 

The agenda and minutes of the meeting are available for project partners via the Extranet.