Geo-Seas Training Workshop took place on 22nd - 25th June 2010 

5 August 2010

A 4-day training course has taken place at CNRS in Strasbourg - France aiming at data managers and technicians of the 27 Geo-Seas data centres. The data managers have learnt to work with the common Geo-Seas formats and procedures, as developed in WP4, and software tools, as developed in WP8, for preparing and updating metadata, processing and quality control of data, both for geological data and geophysical data. The technicians have been instructed and trained in implementing and configuring the system tools, as developed in WP8, for interconnecting the data centre systems and the portal, for generating and exchanging metadata, for converting data to standard formats, and for monitoring the performance of their nodes in the Geo-Seas infrastructure.

The Training Workshop has been joined by 39 participants from the Geo-Seas partner institutes. An evaluation afterwards revealed that the participants appreciated the Training Workshop as a good venue with a lot of practicle value for the coming activities.

A Report has been produced with an overview of the Training Workshop, programme, participants, evaluation and all individual course presentations. The Report is available as combined Deliverable D3-2_D3-4 in the Geo-Seas Extranet for Geo-Seas partners.