Geo-Seas article in the EPOS Newsletter 

30 September 2011

The European Plate Observing System - EPOS project regularly publishes newsletters. The issue of September 2011 includes a nice article about Geo-Seas.

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EPOS is an EU ESFRI project that aims to integrate the following existing core elements within a cyber-infrastructure to realize:

  • A comprehensive geographical distributed observational infrastructure consisting of existing seismic and geodetic (presently GPS, Galileo) permanent national monitoring networks on a European scale. 
  • Dedicated observatories for multidisciplinary local data acquisition (volcanoes, in-situ fault-zone monitoring experiments, geothermal and deep drilling experiments, including the application of geophysics to Earth’s surface dynamics and environmental changes). 
  • A network of experimental laboratories creating a single distributed research infrastructure for rock and mineral properties and analogue tectonic modelling.
  • Facilities for data repositories as well as for integration, analysis, visualisation, archiving and mining of various solid Earth datasets, including geophysical, geological, and geochemical observations. 
  • Facilities for distributed storage and computing resources for high performance computing and collaborative large-scale modelling.