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Geo-Seas 3D Viewer Software user license

Presentation of the Software

The Geo-Seas-3D Viewer Software is a geographical 3D Viewer providing an innovative and high performance 3D viewer for data such as DTM and WMS plugged in a virtual globe. The Geo-Seas-3D Viewer is provided for the demonstration of viewing services of DTM built according to the proposed Geo-Seas methodology.

Access to the software

The Geo-Seas-3D Viewer Software is a freeware. However, users must register and accept the terms and conditions of the Geo-Seas 3D viewer licence for downloading the software from the Geo-Seas portal (http://www.geo-seas.eu/). Downloading and using the software indicates user ‘s acceptance of the terms and conditions of use

Terms and conditions of use

  • The Licensor grants to the Licensee a non-exclusive and non-transferable licence to retrieve and use the Geo-Seas 3D Viewer Software from the Geo-Seas service in accordance with this licence. This Licence is not valid for commercial application.
  • Retrieval, by electronic download, of the Geo-Seas 3D Viewer Software is free of charge, unless otherwise stipulated.
  • The Geo-Seas-3D Viewer Software is provided without warranty of any kind. Geo-Seas and Ifremer do not accept any liability in the use of the software (damage for loss of business profits, interruption of business activity, loss of business information, or other monetary loss).
  • Users must acknowledge Ifremer in all publications showing results obtained using the software or communications based on these results. Users shall mention “Geo-Seas-3D Viewer Software“ written in a readable manner.
  • Data Users should not provide to third parties the Geo-Seas-3D Viewer software without prior consent from Ifremer.

Intellectual Property

All copyrights on the Geo-Seas-3D Viewer software are held exclusively by Ifremer. The Software is protected by the legal and lawful provisions under the terms of the French law and of International Conventions.
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