WP4 Technical Meeting at TNO in Utrecht - The Netherlands 

10 September 2009

The first WP4 Technical Meeting took place from 9 to 10 September 2009, hosted by TNO in Utrecht, The Netherlands and chaired by Paolo Diviacco of OGS (Italy).  The first part of the meeting was used for a thorough introduction in the present SeaDataNet CDI V1 service with its metadataformat, entry tools, vocabularies, data formats and data access services.

The second part included validating whether and how the CDI metadata format can be fitted to describe geological and geophysical data sets (= observations, such as samples, cores, seismic surveys...). This gave very good results. Real action is in validating and further populating the common vocabularies, that are used to mark up the CDI metadata.  

Thereafter an inventory was prepared of possible datatypes in Geo-Seas and possible data formats for delivery were discussed. This has resulted in a draft list of formats, which needs further working out in specific cases.

Also it was decided after the meeting to consider in more detail the possible application of GeoSciML, e.g. as transport format for specific data types. 

This has resulted in planning of a special meeting of experts of SeaDataNet and GeoSCiML to discuss the options for crossfertilisation and to define a further approach. This meeting will take place at 20th November 2009.

The agenda and minutes of the meeting as well as all presentations are available for project partners at the Extranet.