Overview of project 

The Geo-Seas project is an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative (I3) of the Research Infrastructures programme within EU FP7. The contract number is RI-238952. It had a duration of 45 months from 1st May 2009 till 31st January 2013.

Geo-Seas contributes to e-Infrastructure development in the areas of Scientific Data (coherent management and access to data) and Standards (data management, metadata, formats, delivery). It has expanded the SeaDataNet infrastructure to include marine geological and geophysical data held by the Geo-Seas partners.

Catalogues of data, data products and services available from the Geo-Seas data centres are published and are maintained. Quality standards and data exchange/delivery formats have been harmonised across the partners. The project facilitates access to federated, marine geological and geophysical datasets and delivers the data via the internet. Legacy reflection seismic records are scanned and vectorised so that the data can be delivered digitally.

New data products and services have been developed following consultations with user communities. Standard arrangements have been formulated for use of the data and data products. Geo-Seas promotes the infrastructure and its services to users and other relevant organisations to encourage them to adopt the protocols, standards and tools.

It also facilitates consolidation and longer-term exploitation of the Geo-Seas infrastructure beyond the lifetime of the project.

The Geo-Seas data, data products and services can be used by the following sectors: environmental research and monitoring; academic research; government;  national and regional  agencies; dredging; marine hydrocarbons; beach nourishment; land reclamation; sustainable energy; civil engineering (pipelines, offshore construction, aggregates); communications (submarine cables); shipping; fisheries; tourism; and health.