The project management structure consists of the following bodies:

  • Steering Committee, chaired by the Project Coordinator NERC-BGS
  • Advisory Board to assist the Steering Committee with advice and feedback
  • Project Office at NERC-BGS to assist the Project coordinator for daily management and to support the Steering Committee
  • Work package leaders, coordinating individual work packages
  • Technical coordinator MARIS acting as Deputy coordinator assisting the Project coordinator
  • Full Network of all partners

Steering Committee (SC) 
The SC is the decision making body for the Geo-Seas project regarding scientific and technical activities and hereto related financial and person power planning, including decision making about priorities. It monitors progress of all scientific and technical activities within Geo-Seas, and takes remediation actions in case of delay in progress. It also considers the long term strategy and possible interactions with other initiatives.

The SC is chaired by the Project Coordinator NERC- BGS and consists of the Technical Coordinator MARIS, the leaders of the work packages 2 - 11, i.e. NERC-BGS, OGS, INETI, IO-BAS, MARIS, IFREMER, EU-CONSULT, and UCC, complemented with CNRS and GEUS.

Advisory Board (ADBO)
The SC is assisted by an Advisory Board (ADBO) of max 8 members, consisting of representatives of key user communities, international domain experts and systems interoperability experts. The ADBO gives advice and acts as a sounding board on the Geo-Seas activities. It ensures that the developments of Geo-Seas keep in touch with on-going international developments, and take into account user requirements.

Project Office
Daily Management is carried out by the Project Office, located at partner NERC-BGS under responsibility of the Project coordinator, that is assisted by the Technical coordinator MARIS. The Project coordinator manages the overall project and its scientific contents. The Technical coordinator manages the technical elements of the infrastructure developments and acts as liaison to the SeaDataNet developments, that provide the basis for the Geo-Seas infrastructure upgrading.

Work package leaders and Full Network meetings
Each activity WP2 => WP11 comprises a selection of partners, whereby WP2 includes all partners and involves Full Network meetings, where all partners meet. Each activity is coordinated by a WP leader that monitors and guides the progress of that activity by regular communication to the partners concerned. Tuning and coordination at project level is undertaken in the Full Network meetings, and the outcome is decided upon in the Steering Committee, that meets in the slipstream of the Full Network meetings. The Full Network meetings contribute to the overall coordination, because these provide a platform to present and discuss a coherent development of all activities with all partners involved.

The Project Coordinator is of NERC-BGS; the Technical Coordinator is of MARIS.