Good progress at Geo-Seas plenary meeting 18-19 April 2012 

20 April 2012

The Geo-Seas full network meeting took place on 18 and 19 April 2012 in Santorini, Greece, locally organised by partner NOA. Representatives of all partners participated in the Plenary meeting that was also joined by the Advisory Board (consisting of Peter Miles, Cees Laban, John Laxton and Roger Proctor, who each have a long experience in marine data management). The Geo-Seas partners overall reported very good progress in their activities for the project such as connecting their data management systems to the infrastructure and populating their metadata and data sets which can be discovered by users via the Geo-Seas portal.

Download the SC meeting agenda and the Plenary meeting agenda

 Santorini Greece

 Minutes of the meetings and individual presentations will be available for project partners via the extranet.