Networking Activities 

The project comprises the following 6 Networking activities:

 WP  WP Name  WP Leader
 WP1  Project Management  BGS
 WP2  Infrastructure Management and Monitoring  BGS
 WP3  Capacity building and Training  BGS
 WP4  Development of content standards, profiles, common transport and services protocols  OGS
 WP5  Population and maintenance of metadata directories  INETI
 WP6  Communication - dissemination - promotion - data policy  IO-BAS

Sub activities are as follows:

  • WP1.1: Project coordination - lead by BGS
  • WP1.2: Steering Group Meetings - lead by BGS
  • WP1.3: Advisory Board Meetings - lead by BGS
  • WP1.4: Technical coordination - lead by MARIS
  • WP2.1: Full Network Meetings - lead by BGS
  • WP2.2: System monitoring - lead by MARIS
  • WP3.1: Preparation, coordination and validation of the training and capacity building programme - lead by BGS
  • WP3.2: Training course 1 for data managers: common formats and data management procedures - lead by BGS
  • WP3.3: Training course 2 for technicians: how to install Geo-Sea system components - lead by IFREMER
  • WP3.4: Training course 3 for data managers: data products and added-value services - lead by BGS
  • WP4.1: Adapt the SeaDataNet metadata standard (Common Data index - ISO19115 compliant) for indexing geological data - lead by BODC
  • WP4.2: Adapt the SeaDataNet Metadata standard (Common Data Index - ISO 199115 compliant) for indexing geophysical data - lead by OGS
  • WP4.3: Expand the SeaDataNet Common Vocabularies for marking up geological and geophysical metadata and data - lead by BODC
  • WP4.4: Develop / adopt standards for formats for transport of geological data - lead by TNO
  • WP4.5: Develop / adopt standards for formats for transport of geophysical data - lead by OGS
  • WP4.6: Adapt the SeaDataNet standard for quality flagging of geological and geophysical data - lead by BODC
  • WP5.1: Population and maintenance of the Common Data Index (CDI) metadatabase with indexes to available data sets, as managed by all data centres - lead by INETI + MARIS
  • WP5.2: Population of other directories, such as EDMO (Organisations). CSR (Cruise Summary Reports), and EDMERP - lead by BSH
  • WP5.3: Converting, upgrading and integrating the SEISCANEX metadatabase into the Common Data Index (CDI) metadatabase - lead by NOCS
  • WP6.1: Preparation and regular updating of promotion and dissemination plan - lead by IO-BAS
  • WP6.2: Dissemination and promotion activities, incl. project website - lead by IO-BAS + MARIS
  • WP6.3: Production of Posters and Leaflets - lead by IGME (GR)
  • WP6.4: Adapting the SeaDataNet data access policy - lead by MARIS
  • WP6.5: Organising Geo-Seas International workshop - lead by IO-BAS
  • WP6.6: Establishing an Exploitation Agreement for long-term operation - lead by BGS