Transnational Access Services 

WP7 deals with Scientific services to provide access to data, meta-data and products.

The Geo-Seas infrastructure consists of a network of interconnected data centres and the central portal at 27 locations in Europe, divided over 17 countries. The data centres together must be considered as one infrastructure, because via one central Geo-Seas portal and underlying distributed connections the data centres can be queried and their metadata, data and data products retrieved by end-users. The following table gives the names and countries of each of the Geo-Seas infrastructure nodes.

 Nr  Data Centre  Country
 1A  NERC-BGS  United Kingdom 
 1B  NERC-NOCS  United Kingdom 
 1C  NERC-BODC  United Kingdom
 2 portal  MARIS  Netherlands
 3  IFREMER  France
 4  BRGM  France
 5  TNO  Netherlands
 6  BSH  Germany
 7  IGME  Spain
 8  INETI  Portugal
 9  IGME  Greece
 10  GSI  Ireland
 11  BGR  Germany
 12  OGS  Italy
 13  GEUS  Denmark
 14  NGU  Norway
 15  PGI  Poland
 16  EGK  Estonia
 17  LIGG  Lithuania
 19  IO-BAS  Bulgaria
 20  NOA  Greece
 22  MUMM  Belgium
 23  UB  Spain
 24  UCC  Ireland
 25  CNRS  France
 26  SHOM   France 
 29  LU  Latvia